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Welcome to our Pro Partners offer!


Our service is offering a few "Clicks limits" options. Below is a full list of them. 


Clicks limit Price
      Offer No. 1            0-200 £ 20
      Offer No. 2            0-500 £ 50
      Offer No. 3            0-1000 £ 100
      Offer No. 4            0-2000 £ 200
      Offer No. 5            0-3000 £ 300
      Offer No. 6            0-5000 £ 500


If you are interested in the offer, Pro Partners, here are some steps which you need to perform. 

  • Please read, "Terms&conditions"
  • Select the offer you are interested in
  • Go to the "Help&Contact" tab
  • In the "Contact" tab fill out the form
  • Be sure to include the following information:

- User name
- E-mail
- Phone number
- www address which has direct link to your page
- The number of the offer you have selected

  • When we receive the message, we will verify your query.
  • After the initial approval, we will send you an E-mail asking you to pay through PayPal.
  • After confirming the payment, you will receive an invoice from us via E-mail. You will also find copies in the "Payments&Invoices" tab.

  The invoice will be in PDF format.

  • Then you will have to send us your logo on an E-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • The logo must have dimensions of : 140px x 30px or 300px x 50px ,and if you do not have the logos in the given dimensions,
    Send us any others, and we will convert them to the appropriate dimension for free.
  • Up to 24 hours after receiving the logo, it should appear on the Pro Partners list.
  • To see statistics click in the logo, go to the "Pro Partners" tab ,and then go to the "Statistics" in the user panel.


Our Premium Partners
  • CarsParadise
  • CarsParadise
  • CarsParadise
  • CarsParadise
  • OCD Fresh Finish Detailing

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