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To register on Our website and become a full member of CarsParadise, follow a few simple steps. 

The first is the correct completion of the registration form. On registering a link will be sent to the E-mail address,  which is used to activate an account on the site. Once activated you will be able to log in.

When you first log on to the site, you must complete the personal information form to complete the registration process.


Notice! Remember to enter the correct data because when you create a profile you cannot edit them.


    In our service, there are two ways to search for items. The first one is the search engine available at the top of the page. Once you've entered the search term, just click the "magnifying glass icon" on the right side of the search engine.

Another way to find an item is the search engine that appears when you select the category of interest. It is more advanced and allows for a more detailed search, by choosing or selecting different options. When you click the search "button", the filtered list of items will be displayed.


     Ads marked with Buy Now mean that an item can be purchased immediately and only for the price quoted in the ad. When you decide to purchase, you will be guided through a few steps to complete the transaction. One of them is choosing the payment method and the type of delivery.

When the transaction is completed, Purchased items will appear in the user's profile in the "My Shopping" tab under the "Purchase" category. It contains all the information for a particular transaction such as payment information, shipping method, seller details and his/her comments.

In addition, buyers will also be informed via E-mail about their purchases, selected payment methods, shipping method and transaction comments.


 Our service gives Users the opportunity to bid on items. Ads marked as Bidding are being auctioned and Users can bid on them until the auction ends.

After putting in a bid the User will be asked to confirm the price, and will then be told if their bid is the highest. Depending on the price of the item the increments of bids may differ. Users can put in the maximum price they are prepared to pay and our service will automatically bid up to that maximum price as required. If another user bids higher than this maximum price the User would have to raise their bid.

Information about user's bidding on an item can be found by the "Who Bid" Tab in the details of the auction.

Our service provides several opportunities for adding new advertisements. The method you choose should be whichever you find the most convenient and quickest.

The wizard will guide you through a few simple steps and after that the advertisement will be registered on the site.

The simplest way this can be done is through "My profile" in a user panel in the "Ads" tab under the "Add new" category.

You can also add a new ad from the list of items in each category. You can do this by clicking on the "Sell" tab at the top of the filter panel. The text in the "Sell" tab varies depending on the category you are in.

In the following categories : Dealerships, Scrap Yards, Workshops and Driving Schools, a new ad can be added via the "Add new ad" button placed on the top of the search panel.

The last way to create a new ad is by using the "add ad" button in the panel to the right side of any ad. By browsing other users' offers you can quickly create your own through the "Add ad" button.

Ads Add Wizard - The first step in creating a new ad is to select the category to which it will be assigned.

Choosing the right category is an important issue that will make it easier for potential buyers to find a particular item, which will increase your chance of selling it.

We encourage you to spend time in order to correctly classify the item and place it in the appropriate category.

In the next step, fill out the form. The user is required to provide true information about the subject matter in the advertisement.


Notice! Add ads is allowed only for users that are logged in.


On our site, there are three types of comments; Positive, Neutral and Negative. At the end of the auction, buyer and seller have the right to comment on the other person involved in the transaction. The kind of comment should be dependent on the success of the transaction. If a user is unhappy with a transaction for some reason or if he/she has been cheated in some way, for example by concealing certain information, he or she can express dissatisfaction and give the seller negative feedback. The number of comments of each user is visible next to username.

Each type of comment received, along with their descriptions can be found in the control panel user in the "My account" tab. Comments are a very convenient way to check the credibility and integrity of each user.

To check the positive comments of the user who added the advertisement you are interested in, please click on his user name. Then we will see tables with the number of comments received of each kind. Below is a counter "% Positive feedback".

Notice! The type of comment submitted by the user is solely their personal decision. Nevertheless, we encourage you to make honest comments.

Pay on collection - with this form of payment our service has no control. If you decide to buy a vehicle or an item for cash you must remember to not take too much money with you. Always go with a companion and buy in the daylight. Remember to make an appointment at places where other people are attending.

More useful tips can be found in the "Safety Advice" tab.

The only form of payment supported by our portal is Paypal. Paypal provides payment services to enable both business and Personal consumers to send and receive payments through the Internet. PayPal is used by millions of people around the world. It provides a fast and convenient payment option using just an E-mail address. To learn more about PayPal go to the website.

If you would like to add your E-mail address associated with a PayPal account you should go to the "My Account" tab. In the "Sale Settings" you will find the PayPal tab and you can add your E-mail address there.

Notice! Remember that you can add several E-mail addresses associated with PayPal but only one can be set as the main one.


It is possible to edit an ad for so-called unpaid items such as title or description. Editing paid advertising options is not possible. You can manage your ads through the User Panel in the "Ads" tab.

Notice! You cannot delete an ad or set it to off.

Notice! You can't edit an item once someone has bid on it.

Fees that have been established for the promotion offers can be altered.


Fees for promoting ads in all categories.

Promotion Options Price Price  Price
          Include www.  URL £ 1.00    
          Ad on top site 3 days/ £ 3.00 7 days/ £ 5.00 15 days/ £ 10.00
          Ad on top category 3 days/ £ 3.00 7 days/ £ 5.00 15 days/ £ 10.00
          Highlighting auction £ 1.00    
          Bold and custom colour
          font auction name
£ 1.00    
          Auction in border £ 1.00    
          Custom start date £ 1.00    



Fees for all types of advertisements.

Categories Buy now Bids  Offer
          Vehicles & Motorcycles For Free For Free For Free
          Parts & Accessories For Free For Free N/A
          Dealerships N/A N/A For Free
          Scrap Yards N/A N/A For Free 
          Workshops N/A N/A For Free
          Driving Schools N/A N/A For Free



Fees for adding photos.

Categories Free images   Next images 
          Vehicles & Motorcycles 4 £ 0.30
          Parts & Accessories 3 £ 0.30
          Dealerships 4 £ 0.30
          Scrap Yards 4  £ 0.30 
          Workshops 4 £ 0.30
          Driving Schools 4 £ 0.30



Fees for the duration of the advert.

Categories 3 days   7 days   15 days 20 days   25 days     30 days  
          Vehicles & Motorcycles £ 1.00 £ 0.00 £ 0.00 £ 2.00 £ 3.00 £ 0.00
          Parts & Accessories £ 1.00 £ 0.00 £ 0.00 £ 2.00 £ 3.00 £ 0.00
          Dealerships £ 1.00 £ 0.00 £ 0.00 £ 2.00 £ 3.00 £ 0.00
          Scrap Yards £ 1.00 £ 0.00 £ 0.00 £ 2.00 £ 3.00  £ 0.00 
          Workshops £ 1.00 £ 0.00 £ 0.00 £ 2.00 £ 3.00  £ 0.00
          Driving Schools £ 1.00 £ 0.00 £ 0.00 £ 2.00 £ 3.00  £ 0.00



Fees for adding Dealer's logo for each category.

Categories Dealer's Logo        
          Vehicles & Motorcycles £ 1.00
          Parts & Accessories £ 1.00
          Dealerships £ 1.00
          Scrap Yards  £ 1.00 
          Workshops  £ 1.00
          Driving Schools  £ 1.00



Fees for re-listing advert.

Categories Re-list        
          Vehicles & Motorcycles £ 1.00
          Parts & Accessories £ 1.00
          Dealerships £ 1.00
          Scrap Yards  £ 1.00 
          Workshops  £ 1.00
          Driving Schools  £ 1.00



Fees for adding quantity.

Categories Free quantity   Price for next each  quantity
          Parts & Accessories 50 £ 0.30


Our service has an accounting system, so if you use our paid promotional options, you will receive an invoice. You will receive an invoice from us, only when using our paid promotion options. The invoice will include a description of the options and their price.

You will receive an invoice via E-mail, but you'll also find it in your user profile in "My account" tab under "Payments & Invoices" category.

Notice! You can only receive the invoice from us, after you complete a payment on PayPal.



Our service is offering a few promotional options. Below is a full list of them.


Promotion Options Description
          Include www. URL : It gives you the ability to add a website address to your ad.
          Auction on the top position of                                 results list :

It makes the ad  visible at the top of the list of items in all categories.

          Auction in border : Highlight the frame of the ad in green colour.
          Highlighting auction : It makes the ad highlighted so it stands out among the others ads.
          Bold and custom colour
          font auction name :
Makes the title bold and gives you the ability to add your own colour for the title.
          Auction on the top position on                               category results list : It makes the ad visible at the top of the list in the category to which it belongs.
          Custom start date : It gives you the opportunity to choose your own start date of the ad.
          Dealer's Logo : It gives you the ability to add thumbnail logos to your ad.



If you have been the victim of fraud or have noticed any irregularities in the behavior of our users that conflict with our Terms of Use, please report it to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address with a detailed description of the situation.

Our team will check this and take appropriate action as soon as possible.

Notice! You can also report abuse through any ad, just press the button "Report ad" in the panel to the right side of the ad and select type of abuse.



Private profile is for people selling vehicles, items and services only for personal purposes. This profile is limited and Users can only use selected categories for their adverts.

Categories Allowed to add ad in  Ad limit per month
          Vehicles & Motorcycles Allowed     2
          Parts & Accessories Allowed    10
          Dealerships Not Allowed 0
          Scrap Yards Not Allowed 0
          Workshops  Allowed    2
          Driving Schools  Allowed    2




Dealer profile is for people who run their own business/own company etc. All categories are available for making their adverts. 

Categories Allowed to add ad in Ad limit per month
          Vehicles & Motorcycles  Allowed    Unlimited
          Parts & Accessories Allowed   Unlimited
          Dealerships  Allowed   Unlimited
          Scrap Yards  Allowed   Unlimited
          Workshops  Allowed   Unlimited
          Driving Schools  Allowed   Unlimited



Notice! You cannot switch account from a "Private" to a "Dealer" account. 


Our team is constantly striving to look after the users and their transactions. We would like to provide our users with maximum security. You must remember that we are not able to check every single ad. Each user should be familiar with the following list of indications which should help in buying or selling items.

If you have any problems or concerns with an ad, or it seems suspicious, write to us and we will try to help you as soon as possible. Our team is working 24/7 to provide as much security as possible to our users.

If anyone breaks our rules, it get will be immediately blocked, and their ads will be removed. If you have a serious problem report it to the police. We try to cooperate very closely with the police to provide our users with the greatest protection. You have to remember that there will always be someone who will want to break the rules. The following list of tips will help you to eliminate potential scams.


For buyers


If a price looks too good to be true, it probably is. Be very wary if a vehicle is on offer for much less than the market value. Just do a quick search online to check what other sites are selling similar vehicles for.

Try to meet with the seller personally.

Never take too much cash with you.

Never pay for a vehicle before viewing it personally before buying, check out the seller's reviews by clicking on their username.

Be wary of low or no feedback sellers.

There is more risk if the seller obviously hasn’t sold before.

Scam listings will generally contain messages from the seller asking you to contact them via E-mail or Phone, but you should only use CarsParadise messaging system.

If the seller has an internet site, try to find it on the internet so that you can find other people's opinions that will help you make the right choice.

If you receive a suspicious link, remember never to click on links sent by other users.

Never pay by PayPal outside of our service.

Avoid any seller who asks you to pay via any other method than PayPal, particularly if it’s Western Union Remember that PayPal's payment is supported by our service and only if you pay when you purchase an item through our panel can we note it and show that the payment has been received.

If you pay by card, remember to take a receipt for transactions.

When buying a vehicle or other item, always ask for a bill, certificate or log books.

If you buy a vehicle always write the agreement for the sale and correctly fill in the log book.

Look carefully at the photograph of the vehicle being offered for sale. Sometimes there are tell-tale signs that the vehicle is not in the UK as specified in the CarsParadise listing.


For sellers


If someone pays cash please remember to check that the banknotes are real.

Remember to check the validity of the banknotes because some may have come out of circulation.

If it is possible to check buyer feedback, you can find them by clicking on its user name.

If someone sends you too much money and will demand a refund of surplus, it is necessary to check your bank account and compare transits, because such a situation is most likely fraud.

Never accept a check from the buyer.

Generally, you can't change account details by yourself. But if you really need to do that because you've changed your location, last name etc. please send us completed form and our super administrator will change the details for you.

The request for data change should include accurate data editing information and the reason for changing the data.

Notice! The request may be processed successfully or it may be rejected.

Notice! If you want to change your E-mail address, you have to write in The "Reason field" your new E-mail address and reason why you want to change it. 


Here you can find the list of our "Premium Partners" which cooperate with Cars Paradise.

Are you thinking of becoming a partner? Our partners have lots of benefits, as members of "Premium partners", logos displayed with direct links to your website, opportunity to get new customers or fans of your business. Your Company Logo will appear on every page of our service. If you are interested in becoming a Premium partner please contact us.

Also if you would like to Sponsor our website in a different way, please contact us we are open to any ideas/propositions.

Contact details : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use our contact form in the "Contact" tab.


Thank you for your interest in our partner program.


Our Premium Partners: 


OCD Fresh Finish Detailing



Does the site have a mobile application?

Site does not have a mobile application, but work on the application has been launched.


Is it possible to use more than one account?

According to our Regulations, a User or Company may own and use only one account.


Are there any other payment methods available except PayPal?

We exclusively use PayPal for payments at the moment, but we are working on the introduction of other forms of payment, e.g. card or Bitcoin payment.


Why has my ad been removed by the site?

It is important to us that the ads displayed on our website do not violate the law and applicable standards. We do not want Users to have unpleasantness due to offending ads, which is why they are removed.


Can I edit every parameter of the advertisement?

It is possible to edit an ad for so-called unpaid items such as title or description. Editing paid advertising options is not possible. You can manage your ads through the User Panel in the "Ads" tab.   

CarsParadise                                                                                                                        Opening Hours

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