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This cookies policy relates to the websites operated by CarsParadise based in 16 Forsythia Walk Oakridge Village  Basingstoke RG21 5RG, England.

     1.    What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data, particularly text files stored on the end devices that we use when browsing internet websites. They are sent by our website to the internet browser which sends them back with subsequent entries on a particular website. These files enable the recognition of the user’s device in order to appropriately adjust for them the website that they are viewing.

    2.    What do we use cookies for?

Thanks to cookies we are able to adjust the website to the user’s needs and optimise the use of our website. Moreover, we also use them amongst other reasons, to remember user’s preferences, provide safety and remember the choices made by the user. Thanks to them we can understand how our website is used by you, which enables us to constantly improve its contents.

    3.    Which cookies do we use?

Because of the fact that for some time cookies will be stored on the user’s end device, they can be divided into "session" and "persistent" ones. A session cookie, also known as a“temp cookie”, stays there only while the user navigates the website, i.e. for the time of a “session” and is deleted after it is finished, i.e. after you log off or close the browser. Persistent cookies stay on the device after the browser has been closed for a fixed period of time or for an unspecified period of time depending by their settings by the website user or until they are deleted.

Types of cookiesas per their indispensability for service provision

Essential - files that are essential for the website to work properly if they are not present, certain site functions might not be available.

Functional - this type of files enable us to remember user-selected options, for example the way that the product list is given. They enrich the website functionality and thanks to them a website is adjusted for the user’s preference.

Business - enable realisation of the business model that the website is based upon.

Types of Cookies as per their purpose

Setting - they allow to change the functions and website behaviour.

Safety - they are used to verify the authenticity of the user and to protect the user’s details against unauthorised persons.

Processes - they enable the website and its functions to work properly.

Ads - they make ads available and let us personalise the ads for particular users.

Session state - they store the details of how our website is used by you. Amongst other things, they are connected with the error reports or the websites most frequently visited.

    4.    Double click Cookies

Google AdSense is the outside ad provider on our website. The cookies are used to match the ads topic with the user’s interests and to show them based on the previous visits on our, or other websites. Users can find relating information on subject as well as opt-out from using DoubleClick Cookies here.  Unless you opt-out from displaying the outside companies’ ads, other providers’ or ad networks’ cookies will be used to show ads on our website.

    5.    Do cookies contain personal details?

Personal details collected based on cookies may only be collected to perform certain functions for the user. This data is encrypted in a way that makes it impossible for unauthorised persons to access it.

    6.    Facilitating and depositing of the processed data.

a)  The data is made available to outside subjects only within the lawfully allowed boundaries.

b)  The data that would allow identifying an individual is made available only upon this person’s consent.

c)  The Operator might be under obligation to provide the data collected by the website to some authorities based upon their lawful requests in the capacity      resulting from that request.

    7.    Server logs.

a)  Information relating to some of the user’s behaviour is server logged. This data is used purely for website   administration and to provide the smoothest possible hosting services.

b)  The data viewed is identified by URL addresses. The following may be recorded:

     1.    time the question arrives,

     2.    time the answer is sent,

     3.    client station’s name – HTTP protocol carried identification,

     4.    HTTP transaction error information,

     5.    URL address of the site previously visited by the user (referrer link) – when the access to the website has been through a hyperlink,

     6.    user’s  browser details,

     7.    IP details.

c)  The above is not matched to particular persons viewing the sites.

d)  The above data is not used purely for server administration purposes.

    8.    Deleting cookies.

Cookies may be deleted by the user utilising the browser options.  The details are available in the browser’s settings.  The user can block automatic cookies service or may be informed that they are sent to his end device. Some of the functions available on our site are made possible only through cookies and blocking or limiting cookies may negatively affect some of the functions available on the website.


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