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Welcome Everyone !!!  CarsParadise is for SALE !!!


We would like you invite to familiarize yourself with our offer. check it out !


    Price : Only £ 50.000


    Price : Only 18 Bitcoins


We have several options to make money. The first of them are paid advertising options (standard on each website).
The next option is Pro Partners carousel with allow you to add a logo and link into the carousel  (very advanced component and module, with has many options including the click limit).
The next way are ads from Google AdSense so In fact, you earn right away when someone clicks on the ad baner.
Advertising banners are adjusted so that they display advertisements about the automotive industry so that 95% of users click on them.



Everything written in accordance with MVC with the highest quality of code.

The website is connected to GITHUB so that you can easily manage the code.



 For sale is a website that allows people to find the right vehicle or parts for vehicles and even various services.
We built this website so that everyone could manage it without any problem. It can be managed by any person with any age. All descriptions can be changed from
the administration panel and you can easily add new options to the category or enter a new API for various applications such as Google or Facebook.
Service is so extensive that you can easily track every new payment announcement, and even complete transactions between users so that in case of problems could be solved.
The site has very extensive option, about which I can tell the whole day. Below I wrote out the most important possibilities offered by our website.



Components : 

Vehicles Motorcycle - it is a very extensive component in which you can manage each advertisement allows users to bid, add offers and buy items directly
Parts Accessories - it is a very complex component in which you can manage each advertisement allows users to bid and buy items directly
Dealerships - it is a very complex component in which you can categorize rozych dealerships by adding them to the county and various options
Scrap Yards - it is a very complex component in which you can caterise scrap yards by adding them to the county and various options
Workshops - it is a very complex component in which you can categorize various car workshops by adding them to the county and various options
Driving Schools - it is a very complex component in which you can categorize various driving schools by adding them to the county and various options
Userprofile - shows user profile, photo, comments, data,% of positive feedback and currently displayed items for sale
CarsParadise County - allows you to add counties to the system
Counterplates - collects data about vehicles
Contact Form - allows you to create your own advanced contact forms
SEO frontend - allows you to change the title of the page so that it is SEO friendly
Error Reports - allows you to manage and analyze reported errors on the site
Income - allows you to monitor the paid ads
Facebook Login - allows you to precisely manage and monitor users who log in through social media
OSMap - detects new articles and automatically generates a site map for robots such as Google, etc.
Payments and Invoices - automatically generates invoice for paid ads and allows them to be managed
Pro Partners - allows you to add a logo, links and set click limits for the customer
Promo Fields Infos - allows you to add pictures and tex to hints
Report Abuse - allows you to manage reported Abuse on the site
IPLogger - shows IP of logged in users
Search CP custom - the component of the search engine on the website has been additionally programmed under the requirements of SEO
Security check - allows you to monitor attacks on the page
UddeIM - allows you to write messages on the website
User profiles - allows users to manage blocking, blocking reserved names and much more
Backup - allows you to backup the page or the database itself
Banners - allows you to manage ads on google or other


Modules :

Acceptance of Terms - allows you to change the text in the footer
AdBlock - detects and blocks ADBlock plugins
Alert in top pages - shows any alert at the top of the page
Breadcrumbs - shows where we currently are
Copyrights - shows text Copyrights
Contact Form - shows Contact Form which can be freely edited
Learn more - shows information about Cars Paradise
Recent Search - shows recently searched links
Recent Viewed - shows recently viewed ads
Instant Facebook Login - allows you to log in via facebook google etc
Legend - shows the legend of icons in the user's panel
Login Form - shows the form to log in
PayPal Payment - allows for payment between the servise and the user
PayPal Payment - allows you to make payments between the user and user
ProPartners - shows carousels with icons and links to partner sites
Report Abuse - shows the abuse report form
Report an Error - shows the form for reporting errors on the site
Social bar in auction view - allows you to quickly like the announcement in a few social communities fb, g +, twitter,
Sponsored Ad - shows ads from google
Ads Analytics -shows the chart and data from the ads, All Adverts, Finished Adverts, Paid Adverts, Payments In Progress, Unpublished Adverts, Free Adverts, Unpaid Adverts, Deleted Adverts
Calculator - Calculator
Calendar - Calendar
CarParadise Users Information - shows exactly the number of users from different groups such as: registred, activaited, deleted, private, dealer
CarsParadise Tasks - a notebook you can save tasks in it
Clock - shows the exact time
Google Analytics Dashboard - shows google analytics chart
Icons of Paradise - shows shortcut to components
Income in title - shows combining earned amount for paid ads
Income Manager - the table shows which category earns the most money
Latest Adverts - shows recently added ads
Logged-in Users - shows logged in users
Popular Articles - shows the most popular articles
Progress of auction V & M P & A. - shows data from the course of purchase and sale of items
Report Abuse informations - shows an abuse report on the site
Report Errors informations - shows reported errors on the page
Request of change addresses - shows requests for change of address and confirmation by the administrator
Security Info Module - shows what threats are currently on the site
Weather forecast - shows the weather in the administration panel


Plugins : 

CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA - allows you to add the API from Google to Captcha
Custom HEAD - Show the commented code in the head section that directs you to the link with the job offer.
IPLogger - Detects the IP of logged in users
Google Analytics - adds the API code
Two Factor Google Authenticator - allows logging in by entering the code
Tabs and Sliders - allows you to add Tabs and Sliders anywhere in any article.


Only the most important functionalities of the website have been listed. The site contains a lot more.



Website Front End, Back End 

Domain Name

All website files and content

Customer database

Google Analytics account

Google Maps account

Google AdSense account

Facebook account

Facebook Developer account

Facebook Pixel - all options programed to track customers

Google+ account

Google Developer

Google Authenticator app / for mobiles

Twitter account

YouTube account

Intro video

PayPal account

Graphics in .PSD and icons

2 visitcard template in PSD ready to print

Terms and Conditions in line with GDPR

All intellectual property rights

Customer DATABASE & MAILING, mobile numbers, www LIST - 10.000+ customers names, email and addresses from Ebay, fb, autotrader, gumetree

2 Photos of logo

2 big magnets with logo to stick on the car doors

6 years goodwill of Domain


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



And much much more !



This website was launched in 2013, making it around 6 years old. Current owner is a fully qualified web developer which is why this
website was formed with the intention of it becoming one of the country’s top stores for buying these type of products. The owner is of a certain
age and have decided to take life a little slower and as such they are looking to sell the website, making it an ideal established website to invest in.
The site works as a listing of various items, vehicles and offers. It is divided into 2 types of users - Dealers and Private.
The whole page can be managed from the administration panel in which everything was programmed to run this website.

Simple to operate e-commerce websites.


  • Someone with a passion for vehicles, parts and various services that offer workshops etc.
  • Someone with a white goods.
  • Someone who does not have a passion for either as you do not need to be passionate about the niche to make money from this site.
  • Someone who does not have a passion for either as you do not need to be passionate about the niche to make money from this site.
  • Someone looking for a successful medium / large business to invest in.
  • A competitor business looking to gain more market share.
  • Someone looking for a Million pound turnover website which has real and genuine growth prospects.
  • Someone looking for a low risk, high reward online business.
  • This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a reasonably low maintenance, high turnover business for sale. If operated in the same way as the current owners then will be netting you around £80,000 + each year.



  • Genuine scope here, with the proper processes in place to strip out a lot of operating costs and increase profits. Such as staff perhaps?
  • Certainly more can be done with social media promotion via Facebook, Twitter, Google+,YouTube etc.
  • Run an Adwords campaign – reasonably high profit per sale should allow for plenty of margin to convert – adwords has not been tried on this site to date, competitors do so heavily.
  • Add more content around this subject to improve traffic.
  • Launch an affiliate marketing programme to reward people who send traffic which results in a sale.
  • Look to conversion optimise. There is a lot of traffic to the site and with a few tweaks a lot more visitors could be converted into customers.
  • Expand the website with new categories such as : Insurance, Vehicle Check, Personal Plates, Ferries & Eurotunnel.
  • Responsive Web Design - RWD. 



Unfortunately, we have to sell the website for financial reasons.
In fact we can not afford for advertising in the media and at the same time improve the website.



 We accept two payment methods such as :






CarsParadise can be compared to the 2 most popular websites in the UK. The first one is "Ebay" because
Our website has a very similar system for bidding items. CarsParadise also has an advanced user profile
where you can accurately track the transaction of the item you bought or sold. However, the most important
option is the PayPal payment which allows you to show the actual payment status for the item in the user's panel.
CarsParadise can also be compared to "Autotrader" because both websites refer to the motorization and
sale of vehicles with CarsParadise has more extensive databases which allows you to add vehicles and parts
to vehicles in more specific categories.


 If after purchasing CarsParadise you will not know what to do next, we will help you go through with this !


Raising the security parameters : £ 300

Transferring the domain to another host : £ 20

Transfer and configuration of the server to any host : £ 500

Mail box configuration : £ 200

Cloudflare configuration : £ 300

Remote VPS configuration for backups : £ 100

Comprehensive hand-over document to explain how to run your website and how to grow it : £ 600





If you are interested in our offer please contact me directly to learn more.


    Wojciech Andrzejewski  +44 7460 898 973

    Wojciech Andrzejewski  +44 7460 898 973

    Wojciech Andrzejewski  +44 7460 898 973


    Kind Regards, 

   CarsParadise Team 

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